Our commitment to people and sustainability

FRV is passionate about this project and recognise the importance of ensuring the project is a success for the local community.

There are a number of benefits of the project for the community. It will represent a positive diversification of the regional economy, it will create employment opportunities, and it will have a significantly lower environmental impact relative to coal, diesel and gas-fired power plants.

FRV considers it is important that the concerns of the local and broader community are considered and addressed appropriately.

If you are a member of the community or are just interested in the project, we encourage you to share any thoughts, concerns or suggestions you may have and they will be considered and addressed appropriately.

You can provide comments directly to FRV here. Please include accurate and complete contact information so we can get in touch to further understand your comments.

Social Benefits

  • Ravenswood Solar Farm will create job opportunities during construction and operation
  • It is estimated that up to around 150 workers will be required to construct the project.
  • During operation up to around 5 jobs will be created.

Economic Benefits

  • Ravenswood Solar Farm will represent a positive diversification of the local economy and bring investment to the area.
  • Ravenswood Solar Farm will deliver additional indirect economic opportunities to local businesses including local grocery stores, restaurants, cafés, accommodation providers and petrol stations.

Environmental Benefits

Ravenswood Solar Farm will deliver clean, zero emissions electricity to meet the region’s energy needs and helps further the development of the Australian clean energy industry. Engagement with key community groups is also underway to understand and manage environmental features of the site.